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Walking to Lose Weight Best Exercise

Walking to lose weight best exercise to lose weight 

Can you lose weight by walking? Many people are searching for the best exercise to lose weight and walking to lose weight is one of the simplest exercises to lose weight with many health benefits besides losing weight.

Article contents:

  • Is walking to lose weight effective
  • Walking to lose weight calories burned
  • Tips for increasing calories burned by walking to lose weight 
  • Appropriate period for walking to lose weight

Walking sport

Walking is one of the easy physical activities that can start and continue as part of the daily lifestyle. It does not require any special skills or expensive equipment, and done at any time, and in many places, as shown by many studies that walking has many health benefits, as it can help reduce the risk of injury, and it is worth noting that walking is a good physical activity for people who are overweight, or elderly or people who have not exercised for long periods of time.    For the benefits of this sport, you can read our article : The benefits of walking an hour daily.

Is walking to lose weight effective?

Walking can contribute to weight loss, depending on the duration and intensity of the walk, in addition to the daily diet, as it is possible to mix sports or physical activity, and a change in diet, by reducing caloric intake, which promotes weight loss.  

It is more effective than exercising alone, and physical activities are important for losing weight, as it helps to burn calories,

It is worth noting that people who exercise more physical activities, bodies burn more calories, and therefore increasing the walking exercise can help increase calories burned, it can also reduce the risk of developing many health problems, burning calories depends on several factors, including sex and weight, and walking for 1.6 kilometers can lead to burning about 100 calories. Walking and other exercises to lose weight can contribute to preserving muscles when losing weight, as people usually lose muscles along with body fat, as a result of reducing calories, and losing weight, as the metabolism of the muscles is more active compared to the processes of fat metabolism, and therefore walking may contribute to reducing the rate of metabolism that occurs when losing weight, which facilitates weight loss.  

Exercising regularly, including walking, helps to maintain losing weight, as it helps to increase the amount of energy that the body burns daily, and build more fat-free muscles, and thus burn more calories even at rest time, as a review published in Lakartidningen magazine in 2015 indicated that walking 150 minutes per week maintains weight stability.  

In addition, walking can benefit people with obesity, as a study published in the PLOS ONE magazine in 2015 indicated that exercise such as brisk walking for 15-minutes reduces cravings of eating sugary foods rich in sugars.  

Walking to lose weight calories burned

Any kind of physical activity requires energy consumption, and the higher the level of effort required by physical activity, the more calories the body burns, so fast walking or brisk walking burns more calories than moderate walking, and the degree of surface increase burning calories, for example, if walking up and fast at a speed of 8 kilometers per hour, the body can burn more than 7 calories per minute, but if walking on a slope and slowly at a rate of 5 to 6 kilometers per hour, the body can burn between 3.5 and 7 calories per minute.  

It should note that the amount of calories that the body burns during walking depends on the distance traveled, and the body’s weight more, and genetics can also have an effect on that.  

Walking to Lose Weight Best Exercise

Tips for increasing calories burned by walking to lose weight 

The following are some tips that can follow to increase calories burned while walking:  

  • Walking quickly, as the pace of walking makes a big difference, so a person can burn more calories while walking at a faster pace compared to walking slowly. 
  • Wearing a heavy jacket while walking, which motivates the body to work harder while walking, so adding extra weight to exercise burns more calories. 
  • Walking upwards, this can be done by increasing the graduation in the treadmill or going up hills and high places in the outdoor walking routine. 
  • Try to add resistance exercises while walking to help burn more calories and increase muscle growth, such as squats.
  • Focusing on the position of walking, as walking with looking forward all the time helps to increase the speed of walking and the size of the steps, as it is advised to focus on tightening the abdominal muscles and gluteal muscles in the Glutes, as this can be done throughout the period of walking, for multiple and short periods. 
  • Add periods during walking, and start with short periods, where you can start slow warming for 10 minutes, then raise the speed and walk at a more difficult period for 15 to 20 seconds beginning every minute, in order to raise the heart rate, burn more calories and continue to do so for 10  minutes, and then ending with ten minutes of quiet and slow walking, and the rapid walking time in periods can raise gradually. 
  • Increase the number of steps in the routine and daily tasks, such as: parking your car away from home, climbing stairs, etc.

The appropriate period for walking to lose weight

It is possible to start with a brisk walk of 30 to 90 minutes most days of the week for weight loss, as time can divide on days of the week, and walking on some days more than others, but that the total time consumed by walking is equivalent to approximately 150 minutes per week, equivalent to two and a half hours per week, and the guidelines for physical activity recommend walking 60 minutes of moderate to severe walking most days of the week, as exercising with low-intensity walking is not enough to lose weight or avoid increasing it, in addition to that walking must be fast enough for a person to reach a maximum heart rate of 60% to 70%, breathing with more difficulty than usual, so that the person can speak with long sentences but cannot sing.  

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