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best way to lose belly fat by exercise

Best easy exercises to lose belly fat

Belly fat is one of the most uncomfortable and stressful fats that needs a huge effort to lose. but it can be eliminated by practicing exercises to burn belly fat while making simple dietary and lifestyle changes., Relaxing muscles of all components of the internal abdomen cause the emergence and flatulence in the shape of the belly, consequent several serious diseases such as obesity, high blood pressure, and cholesterol.  Which has complications and other diseases may be ignorant of many, such as heart disease and diabetes, so the disposal of belly fat is a little tricky, so we can’t count on some drinks and drugs. And the different diet regimes, and even exercise, even if it was just simple exercises. today in this article, we review:

The best belly fat exercises

best easy exercises to lose belly fat

1. Foot touch exercise

 This is one of the best belly fat exercises and the best in tightening the abdominal muscles And the upper and lateral muscles, and you may get an amazing result if you exercise it regularly And you can start a few times and then increase it.• Sleep on the floor with your legs raised at a right angle of 90 degrees.  You can sleep on the floor and raise your legs• On the wall, try to touch the left ankle with the right hand and back, repeating the exercise 10 to 30 times• Taking into account the regulation of breathing and rest between each time .

2. Wheel Exercise

• This exercise is useful and highly effective not only for the belly but also for the thighs• Lie on the floor and keep your back flat so that it does not hurt, then raise your legs in the air• Move your legs as if you were riding a bike, then rest for 10 minutes• Repeat the exercise For 10 more times we recommend this Exercise Bike-Indoor Cycling: Get it from here.

3. Leg lift exercise

• Sleep on the floor evenly and raise your legs, keeping in mind that the knee is tight• In a right or sharp angle, try to hold this position for 30 seconds and repeat the exercise• For 30 more times, subject to respiratory regulation we recommend Adjustable Weight Bench, Olympic Workout Bench will help in making lots of exercise: Get it from here.

4. Center Lifting Exercise

• Lie on the floor, straighten your legs and fix them well, and it is best to use the aid of holding them firmly Or one of your colleagues to do exercises.• Then clip your hands behind your head, lifting your upper half forward, and it is best if you can sit at a right angle• Repeat the exercise 30 times.

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